‘Frackademia’: how Big Gas bought research on hydraulic fracturing

A disturbing report about the links between the gas industry and academic institutions, showing how difficult it is to obtain research that is not affected by the industry’s own priorities and interests.

‘Frackademia’: how Big Gas bought research on hydraulic fracturing | Richard Schiffman | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk.

Photograph courtesy of Ari Moore on Flickr

2 thoughts on “‘Frackademia’: how Big Gas bought research on hydraulic fracturing”

  1. When you want to believe in something so bad you will even if you don’t know the truth and i am afraid that people in fermanagh and Ireland in general are doing when it comes to hydrolic fracturing.I am from fermanagh i currently reside in the USA and that strict government rules are enforced in fracturing by the EPA and BL M, the way people bad mouth it is like a bunch of cowboys pushing chemical down a hole and killing the environment is not true. The stories of gas in water in places like Wyoming was happening before they even fracked in those areas and in Pennsylvania they already proved by the government that fracturing had nothing to do with water contamination. The current unemployment rate in northern ireland is so high why would you not use an energy that is right at your door step, it will create jobs for a lot of people.

    1. Thank you for your comments. You may be interested to read the posts on this site which deal with the economy and jobs, and show that livelihoods lost in the farming, food production and tourism industries through hydraulic fracturing are likely to far outweigh the numbers of jobs created by shale gas exploitation.

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