Public Consultation of Planning Process N.I.

The Department of Environment for Northern Ireland is holding Public Consultation on their Strategic Planning Policy Statement (SPPS).

Consultation closes on the 29th of April 2014.


The benefit of this consultation is the provision of the opportunity for citizens, County Fermanagh and beyond, to have an input into the planning process which may have an effect on planning parameters for any and all applications, including Unconventional Shale Gas Extraction, also refered to as hydraulic fracking or hydraulic fracturing.

In the words of the DoE:

“Existing planning policies are currently detailed and operational in nature.  However, in preparing for the introduction of the two-tier planning system, it is intended that the consolidated planning policy document will be much more strategic in its focus, simpler and shorter. Key strategic policies will remain in place set out in the one document.

The SPPS will set out the core principles that planning authorities should observe in the formulation of local planning policy, the preparation of development plans and the exercise of development management functions.”

This consultation provides opportunity for local stakeholder involvement by all citizens, nationwide.

Included also, is consultation on the Strategic Environmental Assesment (SEA). This legislation is designed to gauge the likely impact and the pressures on the environment from any plans, programmes or projects which are likely to affect it.

If you wish to partake in the consultation, or want more information, you can do so here.

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