BBC News – MLAs back motion to halt fracking

BBC News – MLAs back motion to halt fracking.

“MLAs have called for a stop to the practice of gas exploration known as fracking.

They backed a call for a moratorium on onshore and offshore exploration and the withdrawal of licences by 49 votes to 30.”


Here is a short video of UTV’s coverage of the day’s events:


With regard to Mrs Foster’s comments, readers are referred to the wording of the licence (available on our Documents page).  The Work Programme contained within the licence states that Tamboran will,

“Drill exploration well to test Benbulben and Bundoran Shale Formations gas shale play including coring, fracturing and testing programme.”

Readers may also be interested to note that the licence granted is to

“search and bore for and get petroleum”

(petroleum in this sense including gas) and that under the Petroleum Production Regulations, also available on the Documents page, the licensee effectively has the option to extend the licence into a production phase lasting for over twenty years.