Tamboran’s belcoo ‘information leaflet’ in full

On the 21st of July 2014 at 5am with drilling equipment for the proposed exploratory borehole, they provided the following 4-page ‘Information Leaflet’ to the residents of Belcoo.

Here, the Fermanagh Fracking Awareness Network presents the 4 page leaflet in full for public viewing.

Page 1: Introduction
Here, Tamboran Resources introduce themselves, and their goals, drawing attention to the fact that they have been granted a five year exploration licence (that started 1st April 2011):


Page 2: Purpose
Here, Tamboran Resources outline basic information about their exploratory borehole drill in Belcoo, following up with information on what happens after the exploratory borehole, before outlining perceived potential benefits of their project.


Page 3: FAQ
The third page of the information leaflet outlines frequently asked questions, before drawing attention to a section entitled, “What the Independant experts have to say about shale gas.” This final section of page three is quite important, and teh Fermanagh Fracking Awareness Network would encourage citizens of County Fermanagh and beyond to browse though those references in full, in particular, the InterGovernment Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and The Public Health of England report which was recently and heavily criticised by the world renowned British Medical Journal:

Page 4: Contact Details and References
Finally on page four, Tamboran Resources, provide a helpline number were one inclined to acquire more information:

Before providing a list of eight references:

The references of which FFAN would like to share electronically for public viewing below.

What is of concern for FFAN and citizens of County Fermanagh, isn’t so much what Tamboran Resources have put in their information leaflet, rather, the concern lies with the wealth of scientific research and evidence that they left out (For instance, the British Medical Journal, The Lancet, the Medical Journal of Australia, Concerned Health Professionals of New York, FFAN-FACTS). A wealth of scientific research which sadly, has become a stark reality for numerous communities around the world. Only when one weighs up all the scientific evidence together, can they make an informed, robust decision.

Question: Of the perceived potential benefits of unconventional shale gas extraction, as laid out by Tamboran Resources, which of them are supported by the references provided by Tamboran, laid out below?

Here are the eight references provided by Tamboran Resources:
1) Reference 1 click here.
2) Reference 2 click here.
3) Reference 3 click here.
4) Reference 4 click here.
5) Reference 5 click here.
6) Reference 6 click here.
7) Reference 7 click here.
8) Reference 8 click here.