Fermanagh District Council urges Minister Foster to move against fracking

Council urges Minister Foster to move against fracking – The Fermanagh Herald.

“Fermanagh District Council has passed a motion to oppose fracking in the county.
Erne West councillor Brendan Gallagher said fracking had the potential to scar the landscape of Fermanagh and said the environmental health factors outweighed the economic benefits.”

“Councillor Gallagher said that while it had been mooted that 700 jobs could be created from fracking that equated to 10 jobs a year for Fermanagh and even at that, there were no guarantees that they would be sourced locally.
He highlighted Fermanagh’s dependence on its local agricultural industry and tourism.
He also claimed there were concerns that water contamination that could impact on health, from dizziness to brain damage or cancer. He said there was also the potential impact of noise and air pollution and the increase of traffic on the road.”

“Independent councillor Bernice Swift said she supported the motion and reminded the council that there had been no community consent for fracking so far and that the community must be listened to.”