FODC draft local development plan proposed changes document: “HALTED”

Update: The fodc Local Development Plan Draft Plan Strategy – Proposed Changes Consultation has been paused with immediate effect from 2nd September 2020.Therefore, please do not submit comments to it at this time.

Please see Page 20 for FODC’s proposed changes to the draft Local Development Plan in relation to unconventional hydrocarbon extraction (fracking).

Local Development Plan Draft Plan Strategy – Proposed Changes Consultation

Closing date for consultation replies is Friday September 11th 2020.

Consultation Submission Suggestions

Below are some ideas you could use for composing your submission regarding Tamboran’s License application. PLA2/16

Don’t forget closing date is 5th July 2019

  • Public Health issues
  • Water pollution issues
  • Air pollution issues
  • Climate change issues
  • No Ministerial input or democratic oversight has been involved in allowing the application to progress this far.
  • Licences automatically extended (provided licensee follows conditions etc) from initial 5 years to second 5 years and then to 20 years of production
  • Proper public consultation isn’t a concession any more, but our right (e.g. under Aarhus Convention), yet this consultation process is currently not statutory and thus can still be ignored.
  • Brexit uncertainties especially regarding  environmental regulation, monitoring, enforcement
  • Tamboran’s license application is very brief and dated Sept 2016. It doesn’t address any specific environmental issues. Meanwhile DfE emphasises that it ‘does not lead’ on environmental matters, not even getting the current name of the relevant department correct.
  • Financial – This is supposed to be a key criterion, yet we have few details about Tamboran’s current status.
  • Technical – This current application from Tamboran is full of redacted information so we, the public, are unable to make a proper decision on their full intentions.
  • No mention of cross-border issues despite the drilling area bordering the Republic of Ireland[Espoo Convention].
  • Lack of SEA  [Strategic Environmental Assessment].
  • Economic impact – claims of thousands of in/direct jobs . No previous fracked areas have shown this to be true.
  • Ecologically important sites – loughs, mountains, forests, Marble Arch, ASSIs etc – map covers huge area of Fermanagh up to border & lough shores.



Fermanagh Fracking Awareness Network (FFAN)