Meeting in Derrylin

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Fracking in Fermanagh ~ How will it affect you? Rob Doyle, veterinary surgeon, will present an information evening giving the facts about hydraulic fracturing and its implications for agriculture, human and animal health, tourism, jobs, fishing and water and air quality. The event will take place on Monday 30th April at 8.30pm at Blakes, Derrylin and all are very welcome.

Meeting in Boho

Fracking in Fermanagh ~ How will it affect you?  Dr Aedin McLoughlin of Glenwood Research will present an information evening giving the facts about hydraulic fracturing and its implications for agriculture, health, tourism, jobs, fishing and water and air quality.  The event will take place on Wednesday 11th April at 8.30pm at Boho Community Centre and all are very welcome.

Meetings in Belcoo and Cashel

If you live in or near Belcoo or Cashel, and would be interested in joining a local fracking awareness group, now is your opportunity!  Meetings will be held on Wednesday 29th February at 7.30pm in the Parish Centre, Belcoo and on Thursday 1st March at 7.00pm in the Community Centre, Cashel.  All are very welcome and we look forward to meeting you.

Jessica Ernst speaking in Belcoo

Jessica Ernst on her land, photograph by Colin Smith

Fermanagh Fracking Awareness Network is pleased to announce that Jessica Ernst will be speaking on the issue of ‘Fracking Inhumanity’ at the Belcoo Community Centre at 8pm on Tuesday 21 February, describing her personal experiences of living with the effects of hydraulic fracturing (fracking).

Tamboran Resources recently announced that they are ready to progress to the next stage of their plans to extract gas by hydraulic fracturing in County Fermanagh. However, people from Fermanagh and beyond have pointed out the dangers that this process poses to public health, the environment and local industries such as agriculture and tourism. Indeed, in recent months, both Fermanagh District Council and the Northern Ireland Assembly have passed motions calling for a moratorium on the technique, though their calls have as yet gone unheeded by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Industry, which granted the licence to Tamboran.

In the wake of these important events, this talk will be of interest to anyone who would like to know more about hydraulic fracturing and the realities of living in an area where such activity takes place.

Jessica Ernst is an environmental scientist, with 30 years’ experience in the oil industry. Fracking has been taking place near her farm in Alberta, Canada for the past 10 years. As a result she is forced to get water from outside sources because her well is poisoned and contains explosive levels of methane gas. She has filed legal actions against oil and gas company Encana, the Energy Resources Conservation Board and the Alberta Government with respect to their responsibility for this situation.

Jessica’s career and personal experience make her uniquely qualified to speak upon this subject. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear her as she exposes the dangers of fracking and answers questions about what the process has meant for her and her neighbours and how it could affect us here in Fermanagh.

Read more about Jessica here.

Meeting on cross-border links

A meeting is being held this Saturday, 4th February in Enniskillen, to explore ways in which campaigning  groups on this issue from across Ireland might co-ordinate, sharing ideas and support.   Those interested are invited to meet outside the Town Hall at 1pm, and the formal meeting will begin at 3pm in the Clinton Centre.  This event is not organised by the Fermanagh Fracking Awareness Network but FFAN is very pleased to note the growing public understanding of shale gas extraction and hydraulic fracturing which it represents.  The potential risks of the process to our health, environment and economies know no boundaries, and it is in all of our interests for the people of Ireland, the UK, Europe and the world to share developing research and experience.