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    1. Hi Marty, if you haven’t already passed your email address to Tanya could you send it to me? I’ll put you on the list for our new e-newsletter so that you’re kept up to date with everything.

  1. Hello There,
    I have been following your news after watching “the Pipe” DVD….after which I wept……..tears of frustration and Fury.
    We have a local group here WASP , water, air, soil, protection.Here in Regional Queensland, Australia. we are being assaulted daily with new Coal Seam gas exploration and drilling…………as indeed , it seems .. the whole world is experiencing.We also have a national Alliance called LOCK THE GATE, and I am wondering if there is a WORLD WIDE ALLIANCE …. or if not How Do We start one………..My husband is from Mullingar , my Dad was from Leitrim and I lived and worked in Ireland for a while some time back, hence my particular interest.
    Also, is there some way I can “like” your site so it can be posted on my FB along with local updates
    Sherida Keenan

  2. Hello,

    According to Charlie Williams – The University of Aberdeen (who have been commissioned to carry out the Environmental Impact Assessment on the Lough Allen Shale Basin) have very close sponsorship ties with Shell, and the Oil Industry.

    How objective is that assessment going to be ?

    So, Minister Pat Rabbitte should reallocate the Environmental Impact Assessment to an Independent University who are not sponsored (nor supported) by one of the Oil or Fracking Companies.

    The River Shannon, Ireland’s underground fresh water Aquifer System and food producing land should never be sacrificed on the Altar of Shale Gas Fracking Greed.


    Enda Kenny should revoke those 2 Fracking licences that were granted in the dying days of the previous Government by Brian Cowen and Pat Carey, and to ban onshore fracking in Ireland entirely.

    The Northern Assembly should issue an immediate Fracking ban in the North.


    Alternatively, the politicians should let the people of this island decide the issue in a Referendum – via the North South Ministerial Council.

    The wording that I recommend for an All Ireland Referendum (North and South) on Fracking is :

    ‘Do you support onshore hydraulic fracturing for gas, and oil in the county where you are registered to cast this vote ?’

    The best of luck with your Anti-Fracking campaign up North.

    Go n-éirí an t-ádh libh

    Dermot Mulqueen.

  3. I have been poisoned by Methane/Natural Gas Toxicity and live in HELL daily. There is NO amount of money that can be paid to destroy your beautiful “40 Shades of Green” island. I was lied to by my Gas Company, Consumers Energy/CMS, by Attorneys, Michigan Governmental Departments, Politicians and I will send anyone my story who wants to read it. It is long and needs editing and I have to send it in sections as it is too big to send in one email, but you need to know what my diagnostic tests show. First I was lied to, then NO Doctor that I went to could figure out what was wrong with me, instead calling me names. Finally found a Doctor who could test me for Chemical Sensitivities and received a diagnosis. Basically I have been given a Death Sentence. After Bush Cheney Administraiont DEREGULATED every thing that protected our health, food and environement, etc., this FRACKING MESS began in the US. So few Doctors are trained to recognize “Toxic Poisoning” as it has not been allowed to release these toxic agents into the atmosphere, so I can NOT really blame any of my Doctors, BUT the BIG Corporations are suing and trying to close down any Doctors office that can test and diganose for toxic sensitivity. The Big Corportions in the USA have put Gag Orders on Doctors in some States,so they can NOT tell what caused a patients many illnesses from the fracking, but I have pictures, copies, etc., of all my surgeries, scans, tests, etc., to share. If you want to read my story, contact me at: [email protected] and I will send it by email in sections to you. There are nine sections, telling of who I use to be, my symptoms, my frequent episodes of HELL, my many diagnosis. I want anyone in any Country who are involved with the Gas Companies who Fracked an area destroying it to return to that land and live on it for a year, drink, cook and bathe in the toxic water, eat only food grown on the toxic land, eat only animals, eggs, milk raised on the toxic land. I am PRAYING to St Patrick to help give you the strength to TURN down all the GREEDY MONEY they will offer you, but believe me, no amount of money can replace your health, or un-contaminate your land. Fracking causes earthquakes and the US has had numerous ones in areas where fracking is done. These toxic chemicals used in fracking permeate the eco-system, water table, contaminates the soil, toxicates the air, it is killing farm animals who live near a fracking site within hours after sipping the toxic fracking water, or they are sick, not productive and their bodies are contaminated with toxins so they are not edible. Cornell College of Veterinarians tested animals in six US States and they all had the same toxic chemicals in the animals used in fracking, my toxic petro chemicals and solvents in my lungs and body would probably match the animals toxicity. If you put water in your sink to wash dishes, and light a candle near the sink, your water will go up in flames, this happened to Jason and Debbie Kline, Garrettsville, Ohio, Portage County where a Fracking well by Cheaspeake Energy drilled near their land. Read Jessica Ernst Canadian story when EnCana Energy contaminated her land. The stories are endless, do not allow the Gas Companies to do this to Beautiful Ireland. I’ve had requests for my story from some in Ireland, England, Canada, Spain, India. We MUST BAN FRACKING in the world. Gerry Seger, Michigan, USA

  4. Hi folks,

    Glad to see you’re all still here and haven’t died, had your houses fall into a big hole, got buried under the earthquakes that will result from fracking, suffered any massive health problems as a result of groundwater pollution or set fire to yourselves when you turned on your water taps…

    Of course all of the above are used as reasons not to “frack” an area and are quoted by the doom-sayers to stir up mistrust or fear about the process. The reason why I’m glad none of you have succumbed to the terrible things above is that, perhaps unbeknownst to you all, Fermanagh has already undergone extensive Fracking…. and so far I don’t believe a single person has died or been adversely affected by it.

    As part of any exploration and potential oil/gas production venture, feasibility studies and exploratory wells will have been undertaken. Fracking in Fermanagh (and it’s neighbouring counties) is no exception. During the 1980’s and early part of the 1990’s a number of exploratory wells were drilled within the area. As part of the process these wells were subjected to hydraulic fracturing techniques (there’s no point licensing an area to be fracked if you don’t already know it works). The exploratory wells were sunk by geotechnical companies associated with the oil industry and under licence from the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (if you don’t believe me…ask the Geological Survey who controlled the licences).

    So the area has already been fracked and no one has died. So what’s the issue? Of course, real discussion needs to take place on how the process may affect the landscape and infrastructure of the area. Real thought needs to be given to the post-fracking legacy and what benefits (if any) there might be to the local economy and local communities. But with regards to the safety of the process…. by all means demand to know more but for goodness sake, don’t be ignorant clods about it!

    For the record, I’m not involved in any way with government, the oil industry or any body who shares a vested interest in the development if fracking in Ireland. I am simply a citizen of this island who wants to have all the FACTS (not the sensationalist scare stories) about the process and how it may affect me! Thanks for reading.

    1. Thank you for your comments. You may be interested to read in the Beginners’ Guide to Fracking and other sections of this site, about the differences between the fracking of conventional wells previously carried out, and High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing, the technique proposed to be used here in the future. The two are very different, in scale, intensity and effects.

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