1. Map showing areas covered by licences granted by DETI in Northern Ireland in June 2011

2. Licence granted by DETI to Tamboran Resources Pty Ltd, 1st April 2011

3. Guidance notes prepared for Tamboran by Minerals and Petroleum Branch of DETI

4.″ target=”_blank”>Petroleum (Production) Act (Northern Ireland) 1964

5. Petroleum Production Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1987

6. Petroleum Production (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2010

7. Hydrocarbons Licensing Directive Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2010

8. An Taisce (National Trust for Ireland) presentation to Irish government re environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing

9. Tyndall Centre Report January 2011 commissioned by The Co-operative:
Shale gas: a provisional assessment of climate change and environmental impacts

10. European Parliament report Impacts of shale gas and shale gas extraction on the enviroment and on human health”

11. Conservation areas in Fermanagh:

a. Open Office presentation – Open Office presentation

b. Powerpoint presentation – Powerpoint presentation

c. Notes (without pictures) – conservationnotes

12. The Economic Consequences of Marcellus Shale Gas Extraction: Key Issues: A Research Project sponsored by the Cornell University Department of City & Regional Planning

13. Updated report by Tyndall Centre, November 2011 – Shale gas: an updated assessment of environmental and climate change impacts

14. Fermanagh Fracking Awareness Network’s presentation to the Department of Trade Enterprise and Investment Ministerial Committee, June 21st 2012.

DETI submission from FFAN June 2012.

15. Additional visual material relating to (14)

DETI APPENDIX 1 additional visual material(doc)

16. Presentation by Dr Aedin McLoughlin – Shale Gas Extraction: The Future for Fermanagh


17. Hansard official minutes of the DETI committee hearing on 12th June 2012 with evidence from FFAN (Fermanagh Fracking Awareness Network)

18. Hansard official minutes of the DETI committee hearing on 21st June 2012 with evidence from GSNI (Geological Survey of Northern Ireland)

18.a. Geological_Survey_of_Northern_Ireland_Briefing in relation to the above

19. Hansard official minutes of the DETI committee hearing on 28th June 2012 with evidence from Tamboran Resources

20. Presentation by Dr. Aedin McLoughlin to Minister Alex Attwood, September 2012.

21. Presentation by Dr. Davide Gallazzi to Minister Alex Attwood, September 2012.

22. Presentation to Minister Alex Attwood re Habitats Directive

23. Presentation by Dr. Carroll O’Dolan to Minister Alex Attwood re public health impacts

24. Letter from Dr. Carroll O’Dolan to Minister Alex Attwood, October 2012

25. Letter from Minister Alex Attwood to Dr Carroll O’Dolan (click on image to enlarge)




26.Letter from Dr. Carroll O’Dolan to Minister Edwin Poots, October 2012

27. Letter from Minister Edwin Poots to Dr Carroll O’Dolan (click on images to enlarge)



28. New Brunswick Chief Medical Officer of Health’s report into Shale Gas Development. (Dr Eilish Cleary)

29. Statement by Dr. Geralyn McCarron, The Australian gas fields: personal insight into the health impacts and limitations of regulation.

30. EPA research terms of reference consulation document

31. Sewer Use Appeals Committee Decision on Application by AIS, Colchester County, Nova Scotia.

32. Drill, baby, drill: Can unconventional fuels usher in a new era of energy abundance? Report from the Post Carbon Institute, February 2013.

33. Shale and Wall Street: Was the decline in natural gas prices orchestrated? Report by Energy Policy Forum, February 2013.

34. Shale Gas Fracturing in Fermanagh-PR (2) with pics FINAL Statement by RSPB and others. Fermanagh map (2) accompanying statement.

35. Water treatment research re Marcellus Shale Report from University of Pittsburgh.

36. NOAA gas leakage study 2013 by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences.

37. Pennsylvania nurse practioners
study 2013
of women in the Appalachian region and their experiences of fracking.


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