Irish government to delay fracking – good news for all?

As reported in the Irish News (April 18th) “The Irish government will grant no new fracking licences until more is known about the controversial method of gas drilling.  The Republic’s Minister for energy and natural resources, Pat Rabbitte, yesterday pledged that future decisions on hydraulic fracturing would be based on scientific evidence. … In an address to the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin, Mr Rabbitte said the government could not allow any project involving new or controversial technology to proceed unless it was sure that it would be ‘technologically and environmentally safe.'”

This is good news, so far as it goes, for the Republic of Ireland, but makes it more likely that if, as seems probable, there is a ‘test-bed’ for fracking in Ireland, Fermanagh will be that laboratory.

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Read the full text of Pat Rabbitte’s speech here.

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