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  1. Hi,
    Excellent website. Very informative, even for someone like me who works offshore UK in the oil and gas industry. Infact I worked on the 6 wells drilled back in 2000/2001 that where conventionally fracked.
    I come from rural NI, living and farming in Co Down. Im not going to tell you how great and good this industry could be. Its your land and ultimately you will decide. I just hope you all take a balanced approach and weigh up the benefits versus the potential risks.

    The drilling industry is highly regulated by DECC and others. No one can simply drill a well that can be in communication with an aquifer. However there are engineering failures like in every industry. Nitrates and slurry pollution in farming commonly have negative impacts on our waterways.

    I guess what im trying to say is be careful what you wish for. I will probably happen in Cavan, there is gas there. I will happen all over England and England has its own natural gas supply from the North Sea. In Northen Ireland we are an importer of power. Can we realistically gerarate furure power supply with wind, tide abd sun. Maybe but not yet. Can we do without the jobs it will create directly but also in the supply chain, transport, catering and accomodation. These are not minimum wage jobs either.

    Take a balanced approach and good luck with your campaign, Fermanagh is beautiful and as long as the drilling programme is planned and executed properly it will remain that way.

    1. You worked on the conventional wells that were drilled back in 2000/2001. The wells that are set to be drilled in our area are going to be unconventional wells. In your opinion, are these wells different, and if so, how so? Furthermore, what has happened to the long term jobs that were promised back in 2000/2001?

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