Security in place at belcoo drill site

The Impartial reporter have confirmed that security measures have been put in place around the Acheson and Glover Quarry, where Tamboran Resources propose to carry out a bore drill.

tamboran security

The Impartial states:

Workers were busy clearing the site in preparation for drilling and a security firm was erecting fencing. There are a number of Alsation dogs on site too.
Early this morning (Monday) Tamboran officials visited Belcoo homes issuing letters and information leaflets, outlining its intention to drill nearby.
A protest has been organised at the site at 7pm this evening, with local anti-fracking protestor Donal Ó Cófaigh stating: “A community that has never been consulted about whether it wants to be fracked have yet again been treated in the most disrespectful manner by the company who want to PROFIT from this poisonous industry.”
These preparations are getting underway despite Environment Minister Mark H Durkan’s statement earlier today that questioned whether Tamboran has permitted development rights to drill its borehole. He said: “Before the company is given permission to proceed, a full screening process under the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations will be required … If any aspect of this development is likely to have a significant environmental impact, permitted development rights will not apply. I have instructed officials to consider carefully whether or not these rights apply.”
Meanwhile, Tamboran has said that the proposed scientific borehole will be about 15cm (6 inches) across and around 750 metres deep. It will be drilled using “standard techniques and materials.” The drilling operation will be completed in approximately 30 days and rock samples will be examined on site and subsequently sent for laboratory ANALYSIS to better understand its content.
Director of Tamboran Resources (UK) Dr Tony Bazley has said: “People have a right to the facts and that is what we are seeking to establish.”

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