Acheson and glover comment on Tamboran drilling

The Impartial Reporter have released a statement given by Quarry site Acheson and Glover, the site within which it was announced today that Tamboran Resources are to begin their test drilling.

The Impartial Reporter states:

A spokesman from the company said: “We can confirm that Tamboran Resourses UK is using an existing Acheson and Glover commercial quarrying site to drill a scientific borehole for the Fermanagh Shale Gas Project.
“The site near Belcoo is enclosed and will have limited visual impact for the local area and its residents. The project will involve no fracking and will be for finding purposes only.
“Despite this announcement being made now, there is no drilling activity planned for a number of weeks. It is also important to point out that the only involvement we have with this project is that we own the land where the exploration site is situated.”
They said they would not be commenting further on the matter.

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