Rock against shale?

This Friday night (18th May), Charlie’s Bar, Enniskillen hosts a rock night in aid of Fermanagh Fracking Awareness Network (FFAN). Setting Off Sirens, The Bootleggers and the Joy of Six will be playing to show their support and raise funds for the Network.

The idea for the gig arose from a conversation between two local musicians about their concerns about the (potential) risks of hydraulic fracturing (‘fracking’). Kevin McHugh and Martin McNamee agreed that the best way they could help raise awareness was to organise a gig.

For Martin, a keen fisherman, it’s his love of the outdoors and the beauty of the area that has spurred him to action. Kevin agrees, ‘I love where I live and don’t want to see it buried under concrete.’

Kevin sings in Setting Off Sirens, who describe themselves as half deaf, middle-aged punks who should and do know better. ‘Normally, we don’t align ourselves with any organisation,’ he says, ‘but this is one instance where we feel we need to wear our hearts on our sleeves. This will affect everyone.’

Martin’s band The Bootleggers have been around for 13 years and have played the length and breadth of the country with a set of classic rock covers guaranteed to put a smile on even the most world-weary face.

The Joy of Six, formed in 2010, describe their sound as somewhere between goth, punk, death rock and rockabilly. They mix original material in with covers of the Ramones, Sisters of Mercy and Adam and the Ants (to name but a few).

The Joy of Six

The gig begins at 8.30pm and admission is only £5.  All are very welcome (sorry, no under 18s) and we’re looking forward to a great night.