Texas: $3 million fracking lawsuit upheld

Previously, we had reported upon the landmark 2014 fracking lawsuit in Texas, whereby the Parr family were awarded $3 million damages against Aruba Energy, for environmental pollution of the air, water and soils from Unconventional Gas Exploration and Extraction activities (UGEE) that proved to have detrimental impacts on the quality of the family’s health.


Since then, Aruba Energy appealed the decision. The appeal was rejected on June 19th 2014 by Judge Mark Greenberg, thereby upholding the law in favour of the Parr family.

In the original lawsuit filed, the Parr family had complained of nuisance problems that were caused by unconventional shale gas extraction operations including but not limited to: open sores around he eyes, nose and rest of body, permanent scarring, chronic nose bleeds, migranes, drowsiness, irregular heart beat, depression, ataxia, abdominal pains, arrhythmia, and anisocoria.

The Parr family is not the first family to bring an energy company to court over damages caused by unconventional shale gas extraction, however they are the first family to succeed in acquiring damages from an energy company in front of a court of law.

Will Fracking Impact My Family?

In this excellent article, farmer, writer and mother Laura Grace Weldon looks at the issue of fracking and how it is likely to affect families, businesses and the natural world in her neighbourhood of rural Ohio.  Obviously some of the issues she discussed are particular to the United States, but most are universal and particularly important in any farming region.  It’s a well-written, thoughtful and balanced piece, with plenty of pictures and links to further sources of information. Click on the link below to read it now.

Will Fracking Impact My Family? | GeekMom | Wired.com.

(The photo above left shows the Weldon family, from Laura Weldon’s blog Bit of Earth Farm)