Members of European Parliament sign Frack-Free Europe Declaration


As of the 13th of May, a total of 77 Members of European Parliament (MEP) across the continent have signed a Frack-Free Europe Pledge Declaration. The non-legally binding pledge, once signed, declares that the signatory holds true on the following six principles:

 to abide by the Precautionary Principles as formulated in the Treaty on European Union, and support a moratorium on the use of fracking, for all existing and future projects for exploration or exploitation of unconventional fossil fuels.

 to strive to integrate into existing EU legislation all necessary precautions specific to unconventional fossil fuels.

 to reject undemocratic mechanisms in free trade and investment agreements (in particular the CETA and the TTIP agreements), which could be used by multinational corporations – such as Big Oil and Gas – to challenge policies that protect the environment and public health.

 to oppose the Investor-State Dispute Settlement Mechanism (ISDS) which could make national governments reluctant to forbid the use of fracking.

 to support the creation of an EU register to which all lobbyists will be obliged to sign up; and to require all EU officials (European Commissioners, Commission civil servants, Members of the European Parliament) to maintain an online list of all meetings organised with lobbyists.

 to promote true energy transition based on clean and renewable energies, on energy conservation efficiency targets, and on an ambitious strategy to abandon all fossil fuels.
I declare myself to be a frack free candidate for a frack free Europe.

By signing the declaration, MEP’s declare themselves a frack-free candidate, for a frack-free europe.

To date, two MEP’s from Northern Ireland have signed and in the Republic of Ireland, a total of seven.

The nation of France however, has lead the way with a total of thirty-one signatories, followed by:

2nd: Spain (8)
3rd: Republic of Ireland (7)
4th: England / Germany (5)
5th: Holland (4)
6th: Belguim (3)
7th: Northern Ireland / Scotland / Poland (2)
8th: Austria / Luxemburg / Wales (1)

A total of seventeen European member states have failed to produce an MEP candidate to sign the declaration including: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden.

If you wish to read if a candidate from your nation has signed the declaration, click here.