Mythbusters 1 – Jobs

The myth:  Fracking will bring hundreds of jobs to County Fermanagh.

The reality: Experience in areas where fracking has been widespread tells us that any jobs will be:

few: the gas companies will use imported staff for skilled positions and only employ local people for low-grade labouring etc.;

short-lived : most of the jobs only last for the construction of the wells – the production phase only requires very few workers;

low-paid: in Pennsylvania  household poverty actually increased with the arrival of the fracking industry  Рwages were so low that employees needed food stamps and government cash handouts to feed their families;

dangerous: workers deal with highly hazardous chemicals and neither they nor their immediate bosses know what these are;

outweighed by the thousands of jobs and small business livelihoods in agriculture, food production and tourism which are threatened by the polluting effects of fracking.