Tamboran Petroleum license 2019

Below is the letter sent by FFAN this week to the Fermanagh Herald & Impartial Reporter [local newspapers].

“Dear Editor

I am writing to your paper regarding the petroleum exploration license consultation document PLA2/16 recently published by the Department for the Economy [DoE]. This consultation proposes plans to frack up to half of Fermanagh and can be viewed at www.economy-ni.gov.uk

Yes; Tamboran are back, unfortunately. The people of Fermanagh rejected their spurious claims of wealth before and we won the argument. Unfortunately the civil servants of Northern Ireland have decided to give Tamboran another go at fracking in our County. This in not acceptable; fracking in all its different names & guises to extract methane gas from underground rocks is very damaging, especially to human health. People can access the highly regarded USA medical compendium about the health risks and impacts of fracking on humans at www.concernedhealthny.org. The pollution of our air and water not only damages our health but it will seriously reduce the jobs in our farming, tourism & fishing sectors.

Past experience shows the jobs created will not be in the thousands, as stated by Tamboran, but only a few dozen as has been shown in other countries that have been fracked. Methane is 30 times [3000%] more potent as a green house gas than carbon dioxide; this is not compatible with the necessity to move quickly away from fossil fuels in the next two decades.

If the DoE grant the initial five year license then Tamboran can, at the end of that five years request another five years extension which the DoE cannot decline if the conditions of the first license have been met. Then in another five years Tamboran can request a twenty year extension which again is almost certain to be approved, under current regulations. Thus if they get their ‘foot in the door’ Tamboran could be polluting Fermanagh until 2050, while the rest of the world is aiming to be fossil fuel free.

FFAN [Fermanagh Fracking Awareness Network] ask all people of Fermanagh to reply to this consultation document by expressing their strong opposition to fracking. The closing date for replies is 5th July. If you require any background details to help compose your response please check out our website www.frackaware.com.

Dr Carroll O’Dolan.  MRCGP  Health spokesperson for FFAN .”

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