The ongoing campaign to prevent the return of Fracking to Northern Ireland.

On the 13 October 2020 our Stormont MLAs passed a motion requesting the Northern Ireland Executive “to instigate an immediate moratorium on petroleum licencing for all exploration for, drilling for and extraction of hydrocarbons until legislation is brought forward that bans all exploration for, drilling for and extraction of hydrocarbons in Northern Ireland.”

This should have been great news for us all, but despite the motion, the Minister at the Department of the Economy [DfE] is continuing to use taxpayers money to fund research into how to regulate this same oil & gas industry in Northern Ireland.

Tamboran, who are planning to return to Fermanagh, are now claiming they won’t frack in the exploration stage, but their website admits that if they do get to extracting any methane that they find then they will have to frack to make it financially viable for the company. It will be neither financially or health viable for the people of Fermanagh if Tamboran do return.

To summarise the current state of affairs we publish here, with permission, a link to the open letter to all ninety MLAs at Stormont from Belcoo Frack Free. There is some very serious irregularities in how the DfE is allowing this whole process to continue. Please contact your MLAs and ask them to stop this research and help get the full petroleum exploration & extraction ban for the whole of Northern Ireland.


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