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* that the Northern Ireland Environment Agency and the Republic of Ireland’s Environment Protection Agency are jointly commissioning research on the environmental (including health) impacts of unconventional gas extraction (fracking) in Ireland?

* that the government in the Republic has promised not to grant any exploration licences for drilling or fracking until the results of this research are published and considered, including public consultation?

* that in Northern Ireland DETI has issued an exploration licence for Fermanagh which incorporates a work programme including the drilling and fracking of two wells?

* that proceeding without adequate research could endanger the environment and health of people in Northern Ireland?

* that the Northern Ireland government has refused to state that it will wait until the research is completed before allowing drilling and fracking to go ahead?

The Fermanagh Fracking Awareness Network strongly encourage the public to contact the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister about this very serious issue. We also invite you to contact your local MLAs. In particular, you may wish to ask them:

“As my elected representative could you please explain why the Northern Ireland Government refuses to state that it will wait until the all island research is completed before allowing drilling and fracking to go ahead?. If you do not know the answer to this question could you please find out the answer and let me know. Thank you.”

You can write to the First and Deputy First Ministers at:

GD36 Stormont Castle
Stormont Estate

or email:

Peter Robinson: [email protected]
Martin McGuinness: [email protected]

To find contact details for your local MLA, please follow this link.




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  1. Please refrain from Fracking (Drilling ) in the Fermanagh Area until the research is completed .I hope you consider this request in the interest of health and safety of the people of this area .Thank you. Sr. Monica Gallagher

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